Enriched with an experience from 1994, we are engaged in marketing and distribution of a quality range of Speciality Petroleum Products (White Mineral Oils, Microcrystalline Waxes, Petrolatum, Petroleum Distillates, Compressor Lubricants, ...Read More
Sonneborn Incorporation, USA
Chemtura Corporation, USA
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. , Japan
Innospec Inc, USA
Sunjin Chemical Corporation, Korea
KCI Ltd. , Korea
Viscosity Modifiers for Lubricants and Greases
Lubricant Additive
Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate
Polyalpha Olefin
Silicone Fluids
Fuel Additives
Corrosion Inhibitor
Sulfur Based Extreme Pressure Additives
Isethionate Surfactants
Sulfate-Free Surfactants
Proprietary Blends
Taurate Surfactants
Sulfosuccinate Surfactants
Iselux Sulfate-Free Surfactants
Carboxylate Surfactants
Non-ionic Surfactants
Benzoate Esters
Aliphatic Esters
Conditioning Agents
Chelating Agents
Rheology Modifiers
Sarcosinate Surfactants
Paraffin Wax
Resin For Nail Polish
Soap Raw Materials
Volatile Fluids For Cosmetic Products
High Performance Lubricant Additive Packages
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